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This revelation of Jennifer Coolidge created a sensation, fans were surprised to hear the personal talk of the American actress

‘American Pie’ (American Pie) was released in the year 1999. Along with the success of the film, the actors working in it also became famous. This film made American actress Jennifer Coolidge so popular that she managed to have physical relations with 200 people. The actress herself has revealed this in an interview given to a magazine.

Jennifer is now 60 years old. The actress said during a conversation with Variety magazine, ‘If American Pie was not a hit, I would not have been able to sleep with 200 people.’ The actress also told that she got more self-satisfaction than she did not become famous with this film. Her fans are being surprised by this revelation of the actress.

Jennifer Coolidge’s role in ‘American Pie’ was quite interesting
Jennifer Coolidge came into the limelight with ‘American Pie’. She played the role of a woman in the film who was obsessed with her son’s friend and wanted to establish a relationship with him by any means. According to media reports, ‘American Pie’ had earned more than 18 hundred crores worldwide then.

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‘American Pie’ changed Jennifer Coolidge’s life
Jennifer also revealed that she faced rejections in auditions for almost 10 years, which made her stop feeling scared, as she had nothing to lose. His life changed forever when he was cast for ‘American Pie’. He was seen in the 2021 series ‘The White House’.

Jennifer Coolidge is proud of her friendship
Jennifer is satisfied that she has made many good friends in her life. He also told about the experiences he got during the pandemic, which have had a profound effect on his life. “It was a very painful time,” she says. I used to get bad news everyday. My mental health was badly affected. My weight had also increased.

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