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New twist in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case, actress questions court’s decision

Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) and actress Amber Heard have been in discussion for the past several months. The dispute between the two is not taking its name to end. Amber, who lost to Johnny Depp in a US court in Virginia, has claimed that the court’s decision in the defamation case was wrong. She has moved the court, as she wants a fresh trial be ordered in the defamation verdict.

Amber Heard’s legal team has sought to declare a false case of defamation lawsuit involving Johnny Depp, alleging the wrongful sitting of a jury member. According to media reports, he has argued that jury member number 15 was not actually the person who was summoned by the court and he could not act properly in this trial.

Accused of setting a wrong jury-member in the trial
Amber’s lawyers told the US court that the right procedure for sitting the wrong jury-member in the high-profile trial had been compromised. This jury-member was not listed for duty, yet became part of the trial and therefore the court should set aside the June 1 verdict and order a fresh hearing. According to media reports, Amber’s lawyers are now alleging that a wrong jury-member was put in the defamation case.

This explanation given in the allegation
According to media reports, a 77-year-old man was called for jury duty, who lives at the same address as a 52-year-old man. In this case it appears that the jury member number 15 was not actually the same person who was listed on the jury panel.

Demanded to order a new trial
Amber’s lawyer, Ellen Breedhoft, said in this case it should be declared a false case. Also, a fresh trial should be ordered. Earlier, Ember’s legal team had said, “There is no evidence that Heard’s op-ed caused damage to Depp’s reputation.”



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