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Katie Price uncovers she was assaulted at gunpoint by six men in frightening carjacking episode in South Africa

The 44-year-old reality star depicted being tossed out the vehicle by her aggressors, during an excursion from Johannesburg to Swaziland while she was in the country to film unscripted TV drama My Crazy Life.

Ms Price has now uncovered she was assaulted at gunpoint during the assault, telling the Mail Online she could never have been attacked had she been joined by security.

“The experience when I was shooting with ITV in South Africa, we had no security,” she said.

“Assuming we had security they would have had the option to manage the six people that bounced us, held me at gunpoint and assaulted me.”

Katie Price

After the assault the vehicles were scoured of resources including travel papers, PCs and gems.

The aggressors were rarely gotten.

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Katie Price

Ms Price was talking in front of another Channel 4 narrative named Trauma And Me.

In the show she uncovered she experienced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the repercussions of the accident, and attempted to commit suicide.

“I hit serious despondency quite a while back, wretchedness on top of PTSD,” she said.

“I was self-destructive, didn’t have any desire to be here.

“Attempted to commit suicide.”

She has likewise faulted her ailment for her accident.

The previous model was allowed a 16-week suspended prison sentence in December for flipping her vehicle close to her Sussex home.

In the new narrative, she said: “‘I live in the open country, I had no outlet, I expected to converse with somebody and that evening I let myself down.”

She said she was not “supporting” her activities however said “there was a justification for why I got in the vehicle and why my head was that way”.

“It happened and it’s real but I have learnt,” she said.

“I would never get into that place again.”

She said she still has weekly therapy sessions, something she wished she had done a long time ago.

“I wish I would have done this years ago,” she said.

“It would have stopped a lot of things that I might have said or reacted to.”

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