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Jug Jugg Jeeyo movie review: This Varun Dhawan-Anil Kapoor family entertainer will laugh but something will be said…

Jug Jugg Jeeyo Movie Review in Hindi: Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani, Anil Kapoor and Neetu Singh’s film ‘Jug Jug Jio’ has been released in theatres today. Serving a cocktail of comedy and emotions with ‘Good Newwz’, director Raj Mehta has once again brought a new cocktail of the same flavour and it is called ‘Jug Jug Jio’. Whenever a newly married couple bows before someone for blessings, then this blessing comes first, Jug Jug Jio… But in today’s era when people believe in building a relationship, but not in maintaining it, then what couples are there? They are able to stay together till jug-jug… The question is important and this film has been woven around this question. But how much can this film answer this question?

Story: This is the story of Kuku (Varun Dhawan) who is madly in love with Naina (Kiara Advani) since childhood. Kuku falls in love with Naina from his school days and they get married. But within 5 years of marriage, both of them start thinking of separating from each other and want to get divorced. But Kuku’s sister Ginni (Prajakta Kohli) is married in Patiala and both of them decide to hide their divorce till Ginni’s wedding. But on reaching home, Kuku learns that his father Bhim Saini (Anil Kapoor) himself is preparing to separate from his mother (Neetu Singh). Now after all, who gets divorced, happens or does not happen, you will get all these questions in the film.

From questions of manhood to the pressures of pregnancy
It is said that films always show the spiritual world of love and romance, but the life after that does not show, so the answer to this question is this film which keeps the truth of love and hopes after marriage. Although this is not a heavy film, but even in a light style, the deep thing is in its story. In the story, many important questions like the woman earning more than the man, the pressure of becoming a mother on the woman after marriage, the frustration of a man romancing his wife in the middle age and turning away from the matter of ensnaring her in the responsibilities were teased in this story. Is. This is a film produced by Karan Johar, so you can understand that money is not the problem in any way here. There is an atmosphere of marriage, there is a grand set, everything is there, just the relationship is complicated.

Second half more important than first half
Talking about the film, the speed of the film is very good in the beginning, so good that in a short time Varun-Kiara, who were in childhood love, get married and till the end of the song, you see both of them amidst the Canadian snow. Can walk far away from others. But after that the first half makes you laugh, but it becomes a bit difficult to understand where the story is going, what is happening and why is it happening even more. However, after the interval, the events happen very fast and you feel that now some results will come.

The biggest USP of the film is its comedy and you can give all the credit to Anil Kapoor and Maniesh Paul. Actually, dialogues of comedy have been given to him. Anil Kapoor will be seen in fullform. Actually, in this film, he is seen as a father with the image of his real life. He is a fitness-freak, he just cares about his looks and yes, if someone touches his feet, he jumps. It is fun to see Anil in this film. On the other hand, Manish Paul’s comic timing is equally amazing and he is making full use of it in this film as well. The best thing about the comedy of the film is that it is not just in one part, but when something serious is going on and suddenly something happens that will make you laugh because director Babu will not give you heavy doses anywhere.

The rest Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani and Neetu Singh have also done a great job. He has played the character of a confused son and restless person. Kiara looks very beautiful on screen and she has a good presence. ‘Jug Jug Jio’ is a fun family entertainer that you can watch in theaters with your whole family. This film will make you laugh, tickle and maybe make you rethink your relationship, but in a sweet way. 3 stars for this movie from my side.



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