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How was the journey from the novel ‘The Godfather’ to the film ‘The Godfather’ in ‘The Offer’

The film “The Godfather”, based on the novel by Mario Puzo and directed by Francis Ford Cupola, is named in the top 10 films in world cinema and will always be so. The writers of the film, the directors, the actors, the production designers, even the extras on the sets of the film and the craftsmen who make the sets have some or the other story related to this film, some or the other memory. In every country of the world, every student taking film education is required to follow the “Godfather”. Not only is this film a successful film based on a successful novel, but its director Francis Ford Cupola and its actors have raised the film from memorable to classic status. The novel has its lovers and the film has its fans but the best part is that the movie lovers have been very interested to know how the film became Godfather. As much as could be known from the books printed about the film and the interviews of the writer / director or stars on television, it was done, but it was a teaser that if we got to see the full story behind this film, then it became a matter. It was released on screen for the first time on 14 March 1972 and today even after 50 years the interest to know the story of the making of this film has not diminished, so now you can watch a series of 10 episodes named “The Offer” on Voot. Every week only one episode of this web series was released.

The Godfather has its own strange story. Novelist Mario Puzo was in a time of crisis. The previous books did not work, so there was a lot of pressure on them to write a novel that could earn money for the publisher. Mario did not know in which tune he started researching Mafia families in New York. After hard work, the outline of Godfather was made. It is a myth that Mario himself was from Sicily and that he had gone to Italy to investigate the life of the Mafia deeply. Mario, from birth till writing Godfather, America remained. When the book was published, it was a New York Times best seller for 67 weeks and sold nearly nine million copies in two years. Paramount Pictures bought it for about $80,000 when it did not become a best seller. Paramount was also fighting for its existence as most of their films were flopping. He didn’t even have to make Godfather, but Paramount Vice President Robert Evans was convinced that this book was something different and that a film should be made on it. Robert invited about 12 directors to make this film, including Francis Ford Cupola himself. Everyone denied it, and no director wanted to make a gangster film or a mafia film in those days. Francis Ford Cupola, who had to make a film in his own style and according to his mood, so in the end he agreed to direct this film. Apart from Marlon Brando in the entire film, there was not a single actor whom people knew very well and Marlon’s career was not going well. When the film began to be made, people of Italian origin living in America had strong objections to this film because they felt that the film was doing them wrong by showing them as the mafia. However, despite thousands of difficulties, the film was made and it reduced the stature of history.

In The Offer, Robert Evans (Matthew Good), vice president of film production company Paramount Productions, convinces his boss, Charles Bluedhorn (Bern Gorman), to produce Godfather. Robert meets Albert S. Rudy (Miles Teller) who impresses him a lot. Robert assigns Albert the responsibility of producing The Godfather. This web series is the whole story of Albert Rudy. How did he bring to the screen the creative vision of Francis Ford Cupola with tact and eloquence in addition to cost, punishment, distinction, sometimes Marlon Brando, sometimes Al Pacino, sometimes Charles Bluhdorn, sometimes Robert Evans, and sometimes New York City. York’s most dreaded Italian mafia who keeps on handling Colombo (Giovanni Ribisi) and sometimes any other difficulty like a master juggler. Sometimes trying to get Mario to write the script for a novel, sometimes trying to get permission to shoot, a confrontation with a politician, and sometimes trying to get Al Pacino out of another film and get him into his film, Albert Rudy does everything with great gusto. . There are other characters in The Offer and the getup of some characters is so good that they seem to be exact copies of the shooting pictures of the film. Dan Fogler as Francis Ford Cupola, Patrick Gallo as Mario Puzo, Marlon Brando as Justin Chambers and Al Pacino as Anthony Ippolito. His acting, expressions, getup, make-up means everything has looked so close to the real person that it reminded the audience of the scenes of Godfather.

The specialty of The Offer is that this story talks about the hardships and difficulties of making the film before it was made, but not a single shot has been taken in the entire series which was in the film. The web series has been created with the theme “How Godfather Became” and directors Dexter Fletcher, Adam Arkin, Colin Bucky, and Gwyneth Hodder-Peyton have taken special care that the story of the making of any scene in the film is given to the audience. Do not reach Despite this, listening to the dialogues between Joe Colombo and Albert Rudy, it seems that some of the most famous dialogues had reached the script of the film after being inspired by them. Juno Temple has almost acted as a facilitator in the role of Betty, Rudy’s secretary. In The Offer, all the characters in the cast are absolutely top notch, even if they come for a couple of scenes. The setting of the series is completely 70s New York, the clothes of that time, the vehicles of that time and the ambiance of that time has been maintained. This web series is for every person who has read the novel “The Godfather”.

The entire team of experienced writers like Leslie Greif, Albert Rudy, Michael Tolkien, Nikki Toscano, Russell Rothberg, Kevin Hines and Mona Mira are involved in writing this web series. This web series is for every person who has seen the movie “The Godfather”. This web series is for every person who likes Godfather to the extent of passion, remembers every single scene or one dialogue of it. There are people in the world who can narrate my dialogues to the entire film, this web series is for them. Through this, a new type of content is seen which is a theatrical adaptation of the original story of the making of the film. Interesting, new. And that’s the godfather. Because in The Offer there is such an offer that you will never be able to refuse.



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