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Film Review ‘Sherdil’: Pankaj Tripathi’s first acting mistake is ‘Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga’

Film Review ‘Sherdil’: Mimicry is a wonderful genre. To imitate the voice and gesture of any person and to do something in such a way that the onlooker understands it as real. When the cast of the film is mimicked, the audience enjoys it a lot but it also has a sad side. When the talent artist starts being a mimicry of an actor, then understand that he has been typecast and now the audience sees less novelty in his acting. Such an actor should immediately analyze his work and avoid doing the same type of role in the coming time. Seeing Sherdil – The Pilibhit Saga released on Netflix, he feels like giving this opinion to Pankaj Tripathi.

For the last one year, many stand-up artists have started doing very successful mimicry of Pankaj Tripathi. His acting in Sherdil seems so worn out that if he picks up this role and puts it in some other film of his, it might not make any difference. This thing about Pankaj Tripathi is important because Pankaj is a Khanty desi man and his acting shows the noise of the intersection, the noise of the street and the chuckles of the Otley. Repetitive sighting of such a wonderful artist is the first sign of danger to his career. Lion hearted, only lion hearted people can bear it.

Villages adjacent to the forest often face troubles. Wild animals destroy their crops, predatory animals make their domestic animals their food. The fate of these villagers is such that even their existence is doubtful. Due to the callousness and apathy of the government staff, the villages do not get any kind of help and in what they can get, there are so many mountains of law and order and paperwork that these illiterate savages leave it as a punishment of God . In 2017, a similar anecdote came to light in Pilibhit where due to extreme poverty and starvation, villagers left their elders at home and migrated to the city.

The intention was that if wild animals like lions would eat these old people, then big money would be charged from the government as compensation, because this money would not be available from any rural upliftment scheme. Director Srijit Mukherjee has written this film along with Sudip Nigam and Atul Kumar Rai based on these incidents. The story itself is unique and heart-wrenching. As a society, we see the utility of our elders only as compensation for their death, this is shameful, horrifying and a stigma on our humanity. But it is also true.

We need to watch these events closely to believe in the story. Pankaj Tripathi’s sincere, circumstantial satire does not reach the seriousness of this matter even to hard-hearted hearts like us. The skin of today’s OTT audience is so thick that nothing can burn its sensitivity less than acid. The film does not make this acid, but comes out wearing a soft cover of satire, due to which we do not understand the sadness of this story. The inappropriate use of Pankaj and his kind of acting is an outrageous use of ‘Sherdil – The Pilibhit Saga’.

It is the specialty of Pankaj to take a silly idea and make it a favorite story of the audience with his ease, but in this film, Pankaj has been fooled. A simple person is not a fool. When Pankaj goes for the first time in the forest to become a victim of a lion, then the whole story and scene is boring and seems fake. The foolishness of making Neeraj Kabi the desi version of Jim Corbett is also beyond comprehension. Amidst all this, Pankaj’s fake Hindi, in which village of Pilibhit is spoken, also kills the desire to know. Here the intention is to exploit Pankaj, not to use his acting properly.

The truth behind the making of the film is bitter but what has been served on it is not known as to what taste it is. There is neither sarcasm or sarcasm, nor the tragedy of the forest, nor the sacrifice of a person dying of cancer, nor is there any commentary on the impractical policies of the government. It is also wrong to pull the entire film on Pankaj’s alone. Sreejith’s film Shabaash Mithu is better than this, whereas in that film also there was nothing in the name of drama. Sreejith’s Bengali films have been very successful and Hindi films are only in discussion. To show a new type of story, one has to hold a mood.

Like the river’s stream, the playful story often fails to establish any connection with the audience. The first 20-25 minutes of Shergill move at such a cumbersome and slow pace that the audience gets bored. Why do directors forget that now the audience is free to watch something else on OTT. Cinematographer Tiyash Sen is searching for his land. The film has been shot, establishing the identity between the beauty of the forest and the sadness of the situation. Pranay Dasgupta’s problem also stems from this. Even editing does not give any shape to the film in the hustle and bustle of Kya Rakhoon and Kya Katoon. Shantanu Moitra’s music has a good side but the songs will not be successful and popular. The last recorded song of the life of recently departed famous singer KK is “Dhoop Pani Behne De” in this film.

The film Sherdil is only for those people who are Sherdil. There is nothing in this film for the fun-loving entertainers. Pankaj Tripathi must see his own heart to get rid of his familiar style. All the people who are fans of Pankaj themselves will think again after seeing this film. If you don’t see, nothing will happen.

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