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Doja Cat told in the live session- ‘I don’t like hair’ and blew eyebrows, fans were surprised

entertainment world Apart from their work, the stars are known for their beauty. If celebs have long and thick hair, then their beauty increases, but there are some celebs who have never liked their hair. Doja Cat is one such Hollywood singer, who disliked the hair on her head so much that she not only revealed this to the fans by coming live on Instagram, but also shaved her eyebrows.

Doja Cat conducted a live session on Instagram on Thursday. She had already arrived on Instagram Live with her head shaved. Then, when he shaved his eyebrows in front of the people, there was no limit to the surprise of the people. Singer told that he never liked the hair on his head.

Doja Cat surprised by shaving her eyebrows
Doja Cat is 26 years old and has won a Grammy Award. The singer was seen flaunting her unique look. “I can’t believe it took me so long to shave my head,” she says. Doja Cat is very fond of her bald look. Singer continued his talk and said that he never liked the hair on his head. There should be no hair on the head.

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Doja Cat never liked hair on her head
Unlike Doja Cat, most people like the hair on their head and eyebrows the most. However, the singer finds it cool to have no hair on his head. She has often expressed her dislike for the hair on her head, but she will come live and chef her eyebrows, which no one could have imagined.

Doja Cat’s move was praised by the fans
Many fans of Doja Cat appreciated his move. Doja was earlier hiding her bald look from the public eye, she was wearing a wig, due to which she was facing a lot of trouble. She used to worry about her look during workouts. She wondered how the wig looked on the head, would it stick to the head. Due to these reasons, she could not fully concentrate on workouts.

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