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Detail Review Good Luck Jerry: Jhanvi Kapoor can act

Good Luck Jerry Review: Director Siddharth Sengupta’s film was studied in Dibakar Banerjee’s school ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’ and hence when you watch ‘Good Luck Jerry’, you see many glimpses of Dibakar’s comedy sense. Disney+ Hotstar’s new release, ‘Good Luck Jerry’ starring Janhvi Kapoor is an entertainment packed black comedy. Which you can enjoy watching with the whole family, if you ignore some abuses. In 2018, Tamil film director Nelson wrote and directed his first film – Kolamavu Nightingale. Nayantara was the heroine of the film. The film was a super hit. Won some awards as well. Good Luck Jerry is the official Hindi remake of the same Tamil film Kolamavu Nightingale. The film is a bit long, there are small scenes, but the film is entertaining. Seeing this film, it seems that Jhanvi Kapoor is becoming a very good actress. It can be estimated that this film will help a lot in his career. Those who have seen the Tamil original will also love Jhanvi Kapoor’s performance.

The story of Good Luck Jerry was written in Tamil by director Nelson Dilip Kumar. Actress Nayanthara (the most expensive and successful actress of Tamil films) was so impressed by its script that she immediately said yes and gave her dates immediately. Its Hindiization has been done by Pankaj Matta and what a lot he has done. Everything happens in Chennai in the original film and in Punjab in Good Luck Jerry. Pankaj has also dressed the characters well in the regional jama. Only Jhanvi and her sister Chhaya aka Cheri (Samta Sudiksha) and Jhanvi’s mother Sarbati (Mita Vashisht) have been told as families from Bihar, all the other characters are from Punjab and are wonderful examples of Punjabiyat. Often small things like this have a huge impact in remakes. Pankaj has created a huge impact in Good Luck Jerry. Jaya aka Jerry (Jhanvi Kapoor) works in a massage parlor to run the household expenses. The younger sister studies cherries and the mother prepares and sells momos in the market. When the mother gets cancer, Jerry starts working as a drug dealer for a local drug dealer for treatment. Every time in some way or the other, she keeps avoiding the police. The wheel of luck spins and circumstances become such that Jerry has to carry 100 kg of cocaine from under the nose of the police. Fighting cancer for his life, his family’s life and his mother, Jerry uses his brain to confront the consummate drug dealers of Punjab, first by fighting amongst themselves, and later by the police with the help of drug dealers and gangsters. Marva K. The ending is good, but before this, there are so many ups and downs in the story that the story remains tied.

This is the fourth-fifth film of Jhanvi Kapoor’s career. The journey from the first film Dhadak to Good Luck Jerry was not difficult but there was a big question that she had to answer to act well on Jhanvi. Good luck Jerry that’s the answer. What a great performance Jhanvi has done. Removing the glamor completely, she is a Bihar girl, a massage parlor girl in Punjab who earns money by becoming a drug mule and gets her mother treated, this role is almost lived by Janhvi. In Punjab, the drug mule of Bihar, Alia Bhatt was also made in Udta Punjab. Janhvi looks comfortable. There is panic on his face but the fight for survival has also given him some courage and the power to run his own mind. In many scenes, it seems that perhaps Jhanvi has been written keeping in mind.

Comedy timing cannot be inherited but Jhanvi has matured in that too. Mita Vashisht is that well of acting, from which water keeps coming out. With great timing and fighting with her daughter like a pure Bihari mother, she performs fiercely. Scenes of fight with Jhanvi, scenes of nurse wearing her gown in the hospital, scenes of neighbors hitting a line on her… There are many such scenes where Mita is in the scene and the scene is not hers. This is experience. Deepak Dobriyal is amazing as Jhanvi’s one-sided lover. Why did God make me so handsome, like when he talks about himself, he wreaks havoc. Jaswant Singh Dalal is a complete ruckus in the character of Timmy. He falls in love with Jerry part time and follows his advice and kills two of his men. When he comes inside and meets Jerry, love and confusion are visible in his eyes. A film maker by profession and a diploma in acting from FTII, Jaswant was also seen in Anushka Sharma’s NH 10, although the character was small.

The music is by Parag Chhabra and this is his biggest project till date. Worked on this project with full dedication. Mitti-related lyricist Raj Shekhar has written two or three songs, To Kya Kamal. Paracetamol and Jhand Ba have the potential to become popular but due to the release on OTT, they will probably be seen more often, its chances are less. Editor Prakash Chandra Sahu and Zubin Sheikh have not allowed the story to go astray. The film is basically related to crime, so no parallel track has been made that big. Deepak Dobriyal and Jhanvi’s math, younger sister Cheri and her crazy lover, Jhanvi and Jaswant’s one sided love story, Sushant Singh’s colorful style. Everything is there but the basic story is Jerry becoming a drug mule i.e. carrying drugs from here to there and getting his mother treated with the money he gets. Both the director and the editor, along with the scriptwriter, should be thanked for considering the story as the hero. This rarely happens in movies. How director Siddharth convinced Jhanvi to play such a glamourous role is a mystery. How Janhvi also agreed to become a massage parlor girl, it will also remain a mystery.

The film is entertaining. The film keeps the audience engaged. The songs are also in the right volume and are good. The pace of the film has been kept good except for a couple of places. Such films are now being made, it is a pleasant thing. Seeing ‘Good Luck Jerry’, one should support such films and praise Jhanvi Kapoor for deciding to do this film and playing her character with full conviction. Jerry can only be Jhanvi.



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