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Bullet Train Movie Review: The speed of ‘Bullet Train’ became its weakness

Bollywood Be it Hollywood, action-packed films are dominated these days. One such film is ‘Bullet Train’, directed by famous stunt director David Leitch. Many big stars have worked in the spicy story of the film. It is clear from the name of the film that there is a speeding train, around which the entire story of the film has been woven.

The kind of pleasant and romantic scenes made in the Indian audience about the train, the scenes of this film are quite the opposite. The crime and action scenes in David Leach’s film may seem ludicrous and absurd to many. The same style of action was also seen in his films ‘Deadpool 2’ and ‘Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw’. However, those who like this type of action and films have their own audience.

There is a lot of bloodshed in the bullet train. A weak hearted should avoid watching this film. Almost every character’s hands are stained with someone’s blood. The story of the film is about a contract killer who wants to forget his past and move on. He is given the task of stealing a briefcase on a train, with which he has to get down at the next station.

movie full of action
This seemingly simple task is quite difficult. Later it is revealed that there are many more murderers in this train who are present in the train with their own motive. The story of the film seems strange at one place only because a man is forced to come on a train just to unlock the briefcase. To rescue the child of the mafia don, there is a ransom amount in the briefcase, which has been given to the two killers to reach the destination. As the number of passengers in the train decreases, its story also gets weaker. The fans of Lewis Leach’s movies are those who like action.

The action in the film does not evoke any sense in the audience.
This film is quite different from most Hollywood films, whose characters are merciless. He just wants a target and he can behead anyone. This level of action in films does not create any kind of feeling in the audience. Brad Pitt is the lead actor of the film.

Brad Pitt’s most important character
In the film, even in the midst of bloodshed, an attempt has been made to show Brad Pitt’s character cleanly. Seeing the film, one gets reminiscent of the films of the ‘Kill Bill’ franchise. However, the audience’s feeling about the train is so much that this train stops at a station for only 60 seconds. In only one scene of the film, the passenger appears to be a part of the story when a woman is seen trying to stop the two murderers from fighting. The entire story of the film is woven around the character of Brad Pitt.



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